Thursday, April 19, 2012

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Most popular ways people believe shit will hit the fan

There are many ways shit will hit the fan and we will go over the most popular of them in ranking we have come across while digging around.
One thing most people think will happen and as of right now is most likely will happen is the U.S. economy will tank. Now while there are many debates about how the U.S. economy will tank, there is no question about it the United States of America keeps going at the rate we are going at it will fall. All the greatest empires have fallen from inside out not from outside in. America is no different.  If the U.S. economy doesn’t come to a halt because of hyperinflation or anything like that we might meet our doom because of what many believe we have reached peak oil.  If all of the sudden we were to run out of oil our economy will come to a halt. It will come to a halt because so many things depend on oil; from the transport of goods to making plastic bottles and toothpaste.  Many people believe that peak oil is just around the corner.

So let’s say the United States economy will recover and prosper our next biggest threat is Mother Nature. Now this one comes in many different forms.  There is the popular super volcano will erupt darkening the world in a blanket of darkness.  Another theory is that one of the many major fault lines will go off and we will have a bad earthquake somewhere followed by an even worse tsunami.  If Mother Nature doesn’t decided to throw a tsunami our way she might decide to unleash a pandemic that might end the human race as we know it.  While more people believe a pandemic is right around the corner, no one knows what sort of break out will happen. We do not know if it will be flue, parasitic, viral, or bacterial, but one thing many people are certain about is that a break out will happen and will happen soon.

If Mother Nature doesn’t lose her cool with us, there is more out there that can put the human species in great danger. Another possible danger comes from the very object that gives us all life, the sun itself.  While it provides us with warmth, light, and energy it may also bring about our destruction.  The sun has the potential to unleash a deadly EMP (electromagnetic pulse) that can take out all of our power grids.  This will leave us completely in the dark; with our power girds out our everyday lives will no longer be the same. Just imagine the computer you are using to read this with no longer working or being able to turn on and even if you do get a computer on there is no internet to connect to.  Our lives will be very different without power.  All our lives will be different and by no doubt be changed if we just suddenly lost power.

If the threat of the sun is not enough to scare us maybe nuclear war is. As we all have heard in recent news North Korea just tried to launch a rocket into outer space, while they did fail it still put the world on edge. Now with Iran and many other Middle East countries investing heavily in nuclear programs it is only a matter of time before a nuclear war will break out.  Let’s hope that our world leaders keep their cool and do not resort to nuclear war.

On the go survival kits

While our future as human kind is looking grimmer each passing day, there is always a ray of hope. By preparing ourselves to survive is one of the best things we can do.  For those of us who do not have  a lot of money to spend on prepping I have looked around my favorite online store (amazon if you guys have not guessed that already) I have some cheap items you can make small little survival kits to wait out anything before having to live off the land. Now in this kit I have put together includes a fire starter, water purifier, and much more. I will post link and pictures below. Now if anyone wants to suggest anything else for this small kit please feel free to do so.

Fire Starter 

An all around knife kit. Perfect for a small survival kit. 

Water purification a must have. 

The escape and evade survival kit, must have for any prepper. 

Sleeping bad, small and ready to go. 

Another small survival kit. I found this one quite handy. All the items in it is a must have. 

Now these are recommendations from kits I have bought and used to put together.  If anyone has better kits they would like to share or better places to get them I am all ears.  I am not perfect and I am always willing to learn something new. 

More Knowledge more power

While we do not know exactly what will be the end of civilization as we know it there is a lot we can do to prepare for it. One of the reasons this blog was made was to bring together peppers from all over to share ideas on prepping.  So I encourage everyone who reads this blog to leave comments ideas and suggestions. Also follow us so we can build a strong prepping community so that we may learn from one another because more knowledge is more power.

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