Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Knowladge is a preppers best tool

Knowledge is one of the best tools a prepper can have in his or her arsenal. You will run out of food and water eventually. The main in survival is to gather water and food for yourself and your family.  So for those thirsty for knowladge here are some good books I recommand for any wanna be prepper to read and any preppers in general  to read. These books I have found the best to read. I have a copy of all of them on my kindle except the green SAS book it is actually a hard copy and I will be getting all the others in hard copy as well because lets face it when shit hits the fan and my kindle dies these books will be useless to me and my family. So with that being said read these books below. Very useful and very insightful. Just click on the picture and they will take you on amazon to buy them and read the description.


Now that you have some good book on helping you survive another helpful book to have will be a book about plants. This book is a little pricey but it is a must have book about plants and that will let you know which plants are good and bad. This book is a must for anyone, and I mean anyone.  Plants are one of the most useful assets to have, and knowing which plants to eat and use as medicine is very useful knowledge.

Knowledge is preppers best skill to have. Living off the land is one of the next best skills to have and maters. For living off the land I recommend two books.  The Modern Hunter-Gatherer and country wisdom and know how. These two book have great information when it comes to living off the land. Buy and read these books. They will help out a lot in the long run.

Out of everything a prepper can have knowledge is the best out of everything.  My recommendation  is to know your surrounding area and the plants and wild life in that area.  Also know where to find good clean water. Next learn the best place to build a shelter if you want to leave your house.  Knowing this little bit of knowledge can save you and your family's life.  If you guys have any questions and comments we would love to hear them and talk to you. Let us know how helpful you find the books if you buy them. Also if you have any recommendations feel free to share them, because we are here to learn from one another to survive the end of days.       

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