Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Defending your house when SHTF.


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When SHTF there will be a lot of turmoil and chaos.  People will be robbing people, murders and repast will probably be on the loose. While watching old episodes of it takes a thief (old discovery channel show)  the things they did to the house to make sure a thief could not get in got me thinking. When shit hits the fan we will all need to do this for our house. Maybe even before. It is probably a good idea to start all of this before the world goes into chaos. So here are some suggestions for SHTF proofing your house:  

Find a safe place to live. Avoid houses with large windows and sliding glass doors. Glass doors may as well be open doors. They’re just too easy to get through. Also remember that second and third-floor apartments are much less likely to be broken into as criminals want to be able to make a quick getaway in case there’s trouble.
Reinforce your doors. I already wrote about this in my post, First Line of Defense: The Front Door. Most criminals don’t even know how to pick locks; they just kick in the door. But if you have a sturdy door that can’t be kicked in very easily, they’re likely to just move on to the next house. And don’t forget the back door and the garage door.
Get motion detector lights. Especially the kind that run on batteries, as there could be rolling blackouts. Criminals don’t like to be seen, and if a bright light hits them they’ll probably flee.
Get an alarm. A loud one. And again, make sure it will work if the power is out. If you don’t have a lot of money, at least get doorknob alarms. You can get a touch knob alarmDescription: Home Security After the SHTF on for only $10.
Reinforce your windows. Like I said before, windows are just too easy to break through. I recommend putting bars over all your windows. If there are bars on the windows, 9 out of 10 times criminals will move on to a house without them.
Put up a security fence. It needs to go all the way around your property and be at least seven feet high. Criminals might still find a way past it, but the point of most of these measures is deterrence.
Get a decoy safe. Your main safe should be very well hidden, while the decoy safe should be fairly easy to find and filled with some cash, cheap jewelry and documents that look important.
Think like a criminal. If a criminal looked at your house, would they see toys, tools or other things in the yard? Are there lots of trees and bushes to hide behind? Would they see expensive items through the windows? Don’t leave things outside, get rid of those bushes and get some heavy-duty curtains. When you’re done, look at your house and compare it to your neighbors’ houses. Does it look more secure than theirs? If not, your house could be targeted first

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