Monday, April 30, 2012

Long term survival in the up coming dark ages

We talk a lot about survival here at iprepping. I mean it is what we do, our goal is to build a community where preppers can come together and share ideas. So with that being said I encourage everyone to share ideas with us and everyone who reads this blog.  Also as promised a picture of our mini survival kit for one lucky winner once we reach 25 followers on this blog.  Everyone is always welcome to buy it off of our online store at   So the sooner we reach 25+ followers the sooner we can give this out. So follow our blog and tell everyone about this so we can give this awesome prize out.

Alright now that we got that out of the way on to business.  Today we are going to talk about bugging out and long term survival. Meaning after you bug out that you hunker down at one location for a long period of time and stay there to survive. We are going to break this down in to a few little sections today and cover some important basics I think that need to be covered.

Question of the day: Are you prepared for long term survival? (just answer in the comment section below) Also what are your thoughts on long term survival? 
Something to think about: Do you have a location to where you can bug out to for long term survival? 

Bugging out 

Bugging out is important if you live in an area where you can not survive for a long period of time such as the city, desert (if you do not know how to survive out there), or any other area that can not sustain you and your family for a longer period of time.  Bugging  out  basically means to depart the vicinity with a velocity suggesting a total disregard for the destination. We have read numerous articles telling you how to bug out what you should do and follow ect. Well we are here to redefine all of it. Here is a list we have put together for bugging out.

1. For a few months stay put until chaos dies down. There is no sense in putting yourself and your family in danger. Just stay put. Make sure to have enough supplies to last you at least 6-7 months. 

2. Make sure all members of your party are aware of the bugging out plan or plans.

3. Don't stop at plan B have C and D ready to go.  Hope for the best prepare for the worst.

4. Location, Location, Location. Make sure that the location you have selected to bug out to is good for long term survival and can sustain you and your group. Also make sure you know the area, wild life in the area and plants in the area. Also make sure you can farm the land if need be. 

5. Get to your location as quickly as possible without drawing to much attention to yourself.  Try to get there as fast as humanly possible once your are out of your temporary shelter. 

6. Make sure your bug out location is a reasonable distance from your house or temporary shelter area. If you live in Texas try no to make your bug out location Miami Florida (at least not if your going to walk there)

7. Set a designated meeting place meeting place for everyone to meet at. Again leave nothing to chance make sure everyone in the group knows where they need to be. 

Location Location Location Picking out the perfect long term survival area

This is all about the Location Location Location. If you live in the city try to get out as soon as the chaos dies down. We say this because in most cities you can not live off the land. What you want to do is pick an area that you have a good chance at living off the land.  Make sure the area is defensible if you need to defend it, good source of water, and you are able to farm and live off of the land. Lets face it sooner or later you will run out of supplies. It's a matter of if but when. So picking an area you can live off of the land is essential to your survival. 

Recommended book

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  1. My family has been preparing for about a year now. We have purchased some land far from civilization, and it has water, its perfect to start sustaining ourselves. At this point we are sure an economic collapse is coming. We get a few items once a week and are saving for the bigger items such as solar panels and materials for shelter. Our goal is to be as comfortable as possible, and for our family not to suffer a great deal leaving the lifestyle we are used to. Everyone should be prepared for at least a 30 day period.

  2. Yes I agree with you 100% on everything. And Economic collapse or a government take over will soon happen. And yes everyone should be ready for at least 30 days or more. Also don't forget to store seeds, buy cattle and horses as they will come in handy when living off the land. And the seed I would most recommend is wheat or corn. So that you may make bread for yourself and your family. Other wise it sounds like your ready to take on the end of days.

  3. Seeds are a huge must! Hierloom prefered! Just because it says organic does not make them great! I learned so much about the governments storing seeds at the survivors expo thats touring right now, I suggest anyone with the chance to go to do so! Im really liking this blog spot, information is our most useful tool/weapon at this time. We definitely want some cattle, I think we are going to start with fowl. We hope to soon just live off the grid and be rid of society and also hope to not be forced to in order to survive. We are not counting on that though. Collapse is near.